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Social entrepreneuring

Since October 2011 I travelled from Thailand to Myanmar four times. My goal is to find a job related to people living in Myanmar. The past few months I represented Culture for Microcredit in Myanmar, I got the opportunity to implement the funds I raised during my road trip with Sulky. It was a rewarding job to extend the existing partner network and see the impact of the valuable work done in the past.

The “fieldwork” is also a beautiful symbol of closing the overland trip to Myanmar from Holland in the minicar. Now I can enter the fertile soil created by all the experiences on the way. I reached my destination, was exposed to a lifetime of lessons which still need to be processed, and connected to soul mates from extreme various backgrounds. Ultimately I am lucky enough to share my life with my beloved Hester; with her on my side I have space to practice universal love, a higher love beyond gender, sex, age and species. Overpowering my ego from time to time, working to a state where my material identity does not matter.

Pansodan Gallery, Yangon, Myanmar

The matter, where everything is well
Well, as in a source connected to the truth
Truth, human beings long back to since the day we were born?

Material identity does matter a lot when I work on my resume or present myself in a job interview. I am competing with other social workers for that rare challenging job while there is such a big need to fulfill. The last couple of months I applied for extreme various positions, to name a few;
-Program manager for Burmese students studying abroad
-Microfinance officer for the UN
-Editor for Burmese news provider

Even an amateur recruiter can advise;  you need a focus, you better specialize on one of those subjects.  The truth is, I don’t want to specialize and limit myself to one subject, I want to think big without limitations, create connections. I want to play with words, search for my own limited truth connected to the universal love, create music, play my accordion, become an artist of life, hack the life, overthrow the current systems that control the world and come up with solutions, organize danceparties with a conscious approach, sculpture wood and be a coach on these subjects when I’m ready……

I strongly believe that everything I do is self-interest; even the most charitative actions are performed to benefit yourself. “Giving” as the art of living. Currently I found out how I can be effective without specializing. It will be 2 days a week fundraising for www.wewomenfoundation.org, 10 hours a week working for a dutch internetcompany and some administration to rent out my apartment to tourists.  That means I guaranteed an income and have enough time left to work on the dreams described above and organizing events like this: World Liberation Day. Please sign up and give your share.

It is inspiring to see my colleagues involved in the Burmese cause. People that give up material wealth and comfort to contribute to community building, education and the lack of freedom. That limited freedom is my personal motivation, which is why I feel so close to countries like Iran and Myanmar and a lot of my soul mates live here. The way these countries are treated by the international community driven by corporate profits is a big scam. I am a big opponent of international sanctions as I feel they are mainly decreasing the opportunities and positions of the people instead of the so called “corrupt regimes”. I will focus on my contributions to solutions on social entrpreneurship and corporate responsibility. In many ways I connect the financial capital in the form of corporate enterprises to passionate grassroot initiatives and community based initiatives and back because i believe there is needs on both sides.

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