on the silk route 2010 / 2012

The Journey

Last January my trip started along the ancient Silk route with my big boy sulkyfriend (a minicar normally used by less abled people). I will pass Europe through the Balkan in the direction of Athens. From there a ferry will continue the trip over the Mediterranean to Beirut and  beyond through the middle East , India and finally Burma (Myanmar).

I will meet with a lot of religions and ways of life, Islam and Buddhism will have my main focus. On this blog I will cover stories about distinctions and equalities from a western point of view. Think about people, food, daily habits, architecture and beliefs.

After Europe, the Middle East is my main focus. I want to know what daily life is, by meeting local cultures like the remains of Mesopotamia. In this fertile land, in between the rivers Tigris and Euphrate,  I will try to  meet people behind social borderlines. To me this means that an interesting part of social life exists behind closed doors in a private environment. Here I want to soak up the peoples wisdom from the 21st century and experience their dimensions of freedom.

Important goal is to determine from my own point of view the reality in all aspects of life influenced by the Islamic culture. I strongly believe that politician representatives and all media from  the Western World are only able to display a simplistic view on major events. We have hard times to translate the complex Islamic background stories into Western perspective. I will to try to give local people a voice to explain the current suppression as Western World tends to describe it.

Countries like Libanon, Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan will be the base to open my eyes and help me build a distinctive opinion on the most sensitive subjects ruling the worldnews about Islamic culture. I will be more confronted with Buddhism as soon as I reach India, learning from the Indian and Burmese source. The ultimate goal is to reach the border of Myanmar (Burma) through India and Bhutan.

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The higher purpose of my trip (the lower purpose is the fulfilling of my own pleasure and curiosity) is raising awareness for human rights in general by crashing cultures, meaning asking questions and being questioned. My personal goal, challenging myself to reach Myanmar by Sulky, will be acknowledged to local projects in suppressed Myanmar. With the attention the trip will gain I will benefit microcredit-projects in Burma. Click here for more information about the projects and donations.

If you have any comments or questions feel free to ask and be questioned by.


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3 Responses to “The Journey”

  1. Bos zegt:

    Vergeet niet zo nu en dan de bougies schoon te maken. Als je iets niet wilt is het wel een “vette Bougie”

  2. Raymond Vos zegt:

    He Teun
    leuk je zo te kunnen volgen leuke site ik schrijf alles lekker in het nederlands hoor goeie reis en als je nog wat ondek aan de auto horen we het wel Groeten Raymond

  3. Dhr Maurits zegt:

    Altijd al geweten dat je gek bent! Ik weet nog wel een slaapplaats voor je in Calcutta, hoef je niet tussen de lokale bergen afval ;) . Ohja, ik heb gestemt op “exactly 312,3km” :P :P

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