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International ambassadors?

Still in the middle of our trip we found our dreamjob: International Ambassadors for Charities. I need your help for the first selection so please vote for us to click on one of the links:
The Dutch website
english translation click on the red button that says “Stem” and than confirm your vote which is sent to your email address.

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Goa was the antipole of our week in the peaceful fishing village of Malvan. Just after we arrived we found ourselves on a crazy rave party which was not so much about good electronic music but more about beats per minute. In our hunt for interesting people to get at least a good overview of Goa in a few days we ended up with Andreas from Germany or as we like to call him  “Dandy Andy”.

This last hippy standing as he referred to himself rides his bike around Goa for more than 25 years . He offered his bed to us and moved himself to the balcony although he did not mind to share the bed with us if we liked….Also from the very beginning he mentioned that relationships don’t stand a chance in Goa. As he was also a professional fortuneteller he told me that I am very childish in my behavior and that I was more like Hester’s son who has a very ripe appearance. “What kind of men would fit me?” Hester asked. ”A wise man with lots of life experience” Andy replied. Someone like you perhaps? With a very convincing smile he answered this question positively and added “You have to find out yourself”. Another name he gave himself was “Die Hühne auf die ego-schaubühne”. He explained there were loads of big ego’s in Goa and he was an exponent:53 years old and still able to show off his fit body and one of the last men wearing a beautiful tanga everyday on the beach. Together we did a tangashow for Hester including models from the seventies. Andy preached he was timeless, a remarkable example of this was that he did not have health insurance. ‘spending €200 a month is what makes you sick.   Just make sure you get not sick’.  I liked it although I missed this philosophy when he opened another cheap poisonous bottle of vodka.

Goa was also meltingpot for other overlanders who travelled with their own vehicles. Despite impressive trucks with tempting facilities Sulky was still stealing the show, also after it was demolished by ruthless thieves who broke open the luggagebox. Faith decided that passports were there unintentionally for the first time in a year of travelling. Laptop, harddisk, videocamera, studybooks, cardocuments made it a very good score, our biggest loss was all the time it takes to arrange this hassle, keeping us longer in Goa then planned. Luckily we did not miss our Vipassana-experience, a good opportunity to put all this negative energy in perspective.

We stayed 11 nights in the meditationcenter, of which 9 days in complete silence. During a 10 day vipassana course you learn how to deal with the 3 causes of unhappiness; Craving, Aversion and Ignorance. Real wisdom rises from own experience, while meditating you’re peeling of the different layers who cover the unconsciousness. This results  in various sensations like bubbles all over your body and sincere pain as a reflection of mental scars from the past. Preventing any communication, a balanced diet and a tight day schedule without any distraction like writing or even reading are the commitment every student promises, to give the technique a fair chance. This was my fourth course and although the emotional instability gets less extreme it’s still a big challenge to complete it. It gives me the strength to face real life situations, to do what makes me happy on the long run and be compassionate to the rest of the world. When the bell rings at 4am all this beautiful potential feels far away but satisfaction tastes sweeter after hard work. 

After the course we drove to Pune where we met some incredible couchsurfers who helped me fixing Sulky again so we can hunt for pedestrians, see the video.

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7 Responses to “International ambassadors?”

  1. Michiel zegt:

    Haha, goede poll! Wij hebben samen in 2 weken Iran al ruim 20 mechanics gezien, dus zeker over de 100! xx

  2. Yashar zegt:

    hi dear
    I am so happy when I visit your blog and follow your trip.
    You are very brave man and I admire you
    be successful

  3. Predrag zegt:

    Keep it up, and keep us posted.


  4. Predrag zegt:

    Keep up the good work, and keep us posted.


  5. Bruin Kingma zegt:

    Teun,zo moeder zo zoon.
    Het gaat je goed af.
    Van je zuster het email adres gekregen.
    Het gaat je goed.

    Bruin Kingma

  6. saskia zegt:

    Miss you to pieces! xxxxx

  7. saskia zegt:

    Hope we both win, by the way!