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on the silk route 2010 / 2012

Kubb for Myanmar needs your vote!

Silence is over! Within a few weeks the Crazy bird will be in Myanmar to start a new network for microcredit-users in Sittwe, in the western part of Myanmar. Shrieky bird is already in Thailand, active for the birmese cause. She is working for the Women League of Burma and will blog about her activities soon.

I am preparing my project now in the Netherlands, one of my activities is creating a  job so i can work longterm for Culture for Microcredit. Also Hester described her dreamjob operating from Thailand.

This means we need your votes. Click the red button on the following links:

Crazy bird: http://www.worldofdifference.nl/wod-kandidaten/?u=146
Shrieky bird: http://www.worldofdifference.nl/wod-kandidaten/?u=196

You can vote everyday and even more if you use different browsers. If you really want to help post the link on your facebookprofile or email your friends.

Last sunday we had a fundraise-event in Amsterdam. Together with San, the founder of Culture for Microcredit I presented my next project! Also we collected all kind of electronics like mobile phones and laptops to bring to Myanmar.

After last year’s pilot project with our local counterpart and CmCrepresentative, we managed to set up our second official CmC micro credit network for women in Rakain State, in the north western region of Burma. On behalf of CmC, I will travel to Rakain State in September to see how the network is going and if the women are successful with their businesses. A couple of hours up the river there is another big commun

ity. The inhabitants asked us to set up a micro credit network similar to the one down the river. Here I will set up our third CmC micro credit network for women.

pics Kubb for Myanmar-event https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.2213642214877.124920.1062204597

more about CmC www.cultureformicrocredit.org
more about Kubb http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DJFu4v0_6kY

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