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Shrieky bird

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Sulky recovery in Bandar Abbas, Iran

My  first day in India on December 4th was marked by the ultimate mixture of Indian and Dutch culture. When I told my friend Guus when to arrive in Delhi the first thing he said was “So you are right on time for Sinterklaas on a painted elephant! Sinterklaas is the Dutch version of Santa Claus and still overpowering Christmas as opportunity to share gifts, poems and practical jokes with family and friends. In the Netherlands the children are told that Sinterklaas arrives every year from Spain in a boat, so many Dutch harbours are stages for the entry of Sinterklaas and his faithful white horse on  his boat packed with presents. According to this tradition many Dutch embassies organize their own entries of Sinterklaas around  December 5th mingled with local traditions.

Guus his place was ideal to process my experiences in Afghanistan, besides the beautiful place most work around the house is done by domestic help, it made me wonder, when was the last time I touched a vacuum cleaner? The next approaching highlight on December 14th felt torturing since it was the arrival of Hester. Distant love was about to end. 2 weeks  before she told me to enjoy my final weeks alone, this was funny and very true at the same time although it was hard to practice. We needed 2 seconds to adjust after almost half a year, another 20 minutes later while waiting for our driver we were carefully approached by a very polite Indian girl who kindly requested if we could show a little less affection. We didn’t feel less welcome while welcoming eachother.

After a few days Delhi and the mandatory trip to Agra’s Taj Mahal we took a train to Bombay where Sulky was waiting to be liberated from a limiting seacontainer. I will summarize my frustration by telling you that despite the very willing clearingagent we left Bombay’s harbor ten waitingdays later heading south for the wonderful Konkan coastline which stretches from Bombay to Goa. At the moment we are postponing our departure from Malvan for three days in a row already. We are addicted our very little walk to the Indian ocean from our lovely homestay, the fresh fish, meaning tigerprawns almost big enough to be lobster, in another deliciously marinated sauce, and the intriguing local life. Far away from touristresorts we welcomed a holy cow passing our beach with 2 musicplaying ali baba’s collecting money for a nearby temple. When we make our daily 100 meter hike to the same beach we are aware the fishermen left hours ago since we forced ourself to wake up early to join these fishermen a few days ago. The nets are thrown into the sea a few hundred meters away from the coast and after that manually pulled back from the beach by two teams of patient men since it takes a few hours. It’s always satisfying to eat your selfcatched crabs and kingfish a few hours later ;)

The first 600 Sulkymeters in India went smoothly although the backroads we end up are very challenging and force Hester to wear her sports bra. The Sulkynest is hosting 2 birds now so it’s time for Crazy Bird  to introduce you to Shrieky Bird. Sulky made it again to the local hero between all the rikshas and gained more selfesteem since it’s able to carry 2 people again and not even be the slowest vehicle on the road.

Sulky release in Nhava Sheva, Bombay, India

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5 Responses to “Shrieky bird”

  1. rijk zegt:

    Wat een geweldige ervaring weer Teunis! Heerlijk om te zien hoe je een bijzondere indruk achterlaat bij de mensen daar!

  2. San zegt:

    Teun en Hester! Super zeg!

    Nog een paar nachtjes en ik vlieg richting Burma… jullie zijn op weg met de super Sulky, ik kijk naar jullie uit!


  3. Jeunnesse zegt:

    Mooie foto’s Teunis! Geniet van alles en van elkaar. Dikke kus

  4. masha zegt:

    Ik zie hessie!!!!!!!!!!!!!:-):-)
    Hes, wnr zie ik een blog van je….???!

    dikke kus voor beide!!!!

  5. maria zegt:

    Hey Teun en Hester, wat leuk om jullie nu samen te zien….
    De filmpjes van ‘old sulky friend’ zijn ontroerend! Wie had nou echt verwacht dattie in India zou gaan rondknetteren?
    De foto’ zijn prachtig en spreken voor zichzelf…
    Heb het goed samen…
    Dikke Kuzz.