on the silk route 2010 / 2012

Three weddings and a funeral

Video Big fat gaywedding from Jacco and Janmaarten

3 weeks ago the story ended with Sulky locked on the highway. The only solution was to let myself transport to Athens by express service. I was warmly welcomed by my host Janna and the next day we spent searching for a reliable mechanic, first by pushing the car through the streets but after the 5th garage we took the bus, I had enough of being the act of the city without a running engine ;) . Finally we found a solid Honda-dealer who dared to take the job.

After a couple of days it was clear that I needed a sparepart from my suppliers Vos Minicars or at least ouside of Greece. From that moment my brain and emotions started actively exchanging….3 weddings in the Netherlands within 8 days, staying over with my lovely girl, finally arranging my driver’s license which was lost since Croatia. It is impossible to get a new license from abroad, 2 months of bureaucratic frustration were about to end if I decided to pick it up in Amsterdam. I thought it over for a day and after I spoke to Justus, Lieke and Koen, 3 of my friends who were about to marry within a week I was so excited that I booked my returnticket. Time to celebrate. Fanatic research on Athens nightlife brought us to the best Greek minimal DJ and he, Mikee, did not disappoint us. The audience made a very passive impression, what do Greeks have to lose beside their economy? Based on the dancefloors I experienced a lot. Janna warned me for these characteristics in advance but ignoring such good dancemusic was painful to me. Only after 3am people started to join our flexible bodymovements and faces started to smile again. 2 days later I experienced another positive exception when I tried tangodancing on a mondaynight on the streets of Athens. People acted released and the perfect mixture of different tangostyles brought me back to Buenos Aires.

Pretty incognito I landed in Amsterdam. I felt I had to protect myself a little by smoothly letting people know I was temporarily back. It also gave the opportunity to surprise a few friends, I will never forget your faces Bas and Kelly…”What are you doing here?”

The weddings were very special to attend and all unique. They sucked me into Dutch customs and the intensity made me feel a traveler in my own country, also because it was hard to connect with so many friends. At the same time their energy was charging my battery and made me feel convinced on what I’m doing. Spending time with Hester felt as a gift, it was only 3 weeks ago that we finished our trip together. Building a relationship while doing the Silk Route on my own seemed impossible. I feel spoiled that life makes the opposite come true.

Another inspiring encounter in Amsterdam was with Manon Ossevoort who is trying to reach the south pole on a tractor. I read her first book and was happy that we could share some experiences regarding travelling with uncommon means of transport. My main question to her was how I could improve the meaning of my trip to all the people I meet. Her wise words were; You will find your own answer and don’t forget that just passing or meeting people around your car will mean a lot. She really promoted the fact that I was back in Holland, it helped her a lot to find new energy. It took away my doubts about breaking the journey and gives opportunities to new ideas like the magnificent project Charity travel from Kamiel Verwer.

Last Monday I flew back to my Mousaka, I won my bet with Janna that I would pass the airportsecurity with my very unusual handluggage;  A wooden ship I found on the fleemarket which did not meet the standard requirements for handluggage. The ship arrived safely in Amsterdam so the last 3 days I eat Mousaka instead of Jachtschotel, the dish I had to cook when the ship did not make it. The final days at Janna’s were very special, she really contributed to my goal to reach my destination. Morally through the fact that she told me that my presence affected her personal goals and her will to change. Materially by giving me her stove, cooling bag, survivalkit and Tupperware containing more Moussaka.

The bad news I have to deal with is the dead of John. The regenboog foundation had brought me in contact with John and I visited him last year once a week as a buddy. He was preparing already for a while to leave this world. I wish him all the light he needs after his though life. He inspired me by telling me everytime that he was responsible himself for the consequences of his extensive drugs and alcoholconsumption. You will drive with me buddy!

I hope to reach Asia soon with Sulky, at the moment i’m stuck at Rhodes searching for a boat who can bring us to Turkey.

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3 Responses to “Three weddings and a funeral”

  1. David zegt:

    wowy Teun, never knew you’re the way you are but it suprises me only in a positive way.

    And, as I told you, I feel a little envy too! Best whishes from Jeanine and Tijn. Let me finish with these wise words: “let the journey itself be the destination”

  2. Hester zegt:

    Sweet kiss for the sweetest. Thinking of John. Rememebering the wonderfull weddings, forgetting the sail strip ;) and love you!

  3. Hester zegt:

    Seeing the pictures, I forgot: still enjoying the great win at the Kubb tournement over Koen and Steven very much. We smashed you!!! :)